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The winter weather season is rapidly approaching. During this season, snow and ice accidents are a major cause of personal injuries. If you have an accident and fall on snow and ice, these are the Top Six things you or someone on your behalf should do as soon as possible:

1. Call for help – you or someone on your behalf should call 911 so that the Police can come and assess the situation and document the happening of the accident. In New York, the police will prepare what is called an Aided Report. Aided Reports record occurrences when an individual is injured (not involving a motor vehicle), becomes sick or lost and service is rendered by the New York City Police Department.

2. See Medical Attention – the police or someone on your behalf should call for an ambulance to transport you to the nearest hospital. This insures that you get prompt medical treatment for your injuries to help achieve the best chance of a good recovery. This also will ensure that your accident is documented in case any potentially responsible party disputes the occurrence.