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  • Dallin M. Fuchs Settles NYPD Police Brutality Case in the Bronx for $500,000

    The partners and employees of Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, LLP wish to congratulate our partner, Dallin M. Fuchs, on his recent settlement of a Bronx police brutality case involving the New York City Police Department. The case involved a 35-year old man detained by store security at a Target store in the Bronx on suspicion of shoplifting. Following his detention by store security, the ...
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  • NYPD Commissioner Admits Police Failed in Fatal Shooting of Emotionally Disturbed Bronx Woman

    An emotionally disturbed Bronx woman was shot and killed on Tuesday by a Sergeant in the New York City Police Department inside her Bronx apartment. According to a report by CBS New York , the woman was known to the police and known to be emotionally disturbed. Apparently, she attempted to grab a baseball bat and strike the police officer, who responded by firing two fatal shots with his service ...
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  • Some NYPD Officers Still Using Banned Choke Hold

    When a New York City police officer or other law enforcement personnel use excessive force , civilians, suspects and prisoners can suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries . In cases such as these, injury victims and their families may be entitled to compensation from the City of New York. To obtain a successful verdict or settlement in an excessive force case, you need a law firm with the trial ...
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  • Police Brutality in Brooklyn

    A 32-year old Brooklyn man claims that he was beaten and kicked by multiple police officers who believed him to be a potential robbery suspect. As a result, he lost one of his testicles. To read the full story in the New York Post. If someone you love has been seriously injured as a result of police brutality, you should not hesitate to seek out a law firm with experience successfull litigating ...
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  • Police Use of Long Range Acoustic Device May Have Been Excessive Force

    July 17 was the one year anniversary of Eric Garner’s death. After the incident that recently occurred in Dallas, regarding the alleged suicide of Sandra Bland, many people gathered in a collective peaceful protest against police brutality. The protest escalated into a sit-in and the police responded by making arrests and utilizing their new crowd-control device, the Long Range Acoustic Device ...
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  • New York Agrees to Pay $2.25 Million for Death at Rikers

    According to Reuters , New York City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, announced on October 31 st that the city would pay $2.25 million to resolve a wrongful death claim brought against them by Alma Murdough regarding the death of her son. Murdough filed a wrongful death claim after her son Jerome, a Marine Corps veteran, was found dead in his jail cell on Rikers Island eight days after being initially ...
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