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  • 10 Safety Tips to Prepare for a Safe Winter in New York

    Winter is that time of year which can bring its own unique circumstances that make accidents more likely and dangers more catastrophic. Of course, not all accidents are preventable, but there are steps that can be taken to minimize accidents and the potential impact on yourself and your family. Below are a list of 10 Safety Tips to prepare for the upcoming winter from the perspective of experts in ...
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  • 9-Year Old Wisconsin Boy Burned When Playground Slide Explodes

    Playgrounds and their equipment are heavily regulated and must meet certain safety requirements. However, new and unexpected hazards can still arise. Last week, a 9-year old Wisconsin boy was burned when the slide he was using suddenly bubbled up and exploded according to a report by Fox News . The cause of this accident is still under investigation as slides of this type are installed in ...
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  • Fire in Times Square Restaurant Injures Two

    Fires are a dangerous reality in New York City given the number of buildings and large population. Early in the morning, more than 200 firefighters responded to a 3-alarm fire, which began around 4:47 a.m. at an 11-story building on 48th Street and 7th Avenue. According to a report by CBS New York , the fire started in the ductwork of a Times Square restaurant called "TSQ Brasserie." Two injuries ...
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  • Baby Killed, Two Adults Critically Injured in Brooklyn Building Fire

    Once again, a serious fire has been reported in New York City resulting in the death of a 1-year old baby and critical injuries to two adults. This time, the fire apparently started inside an apartment on the 13th floor of the Howard Houses on Mother Gaston Boulevard in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn as reported by CBS New York . There was serious fire, smoke and water damage to the building. ...
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  • Two Children Sustain Life-Threatening Burns in Bronx Radiator Steam Explosion

    Winter time in New York often results in increased reports of explosions from radiators, boilers and steam pipes in apartment buildings due their increased use as the weather gets colder. A tragedy was reported by the New York Daily News involving a radiator explosion in a Bronx apartment on Hunts Avenue near Lafayette Avenue in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. Two young girls, both under the ...
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  • Fire in Brooklyn RIps Through Two Buildings and Results in Death of One Person, Injuries to Others

    Fire accidents occur in New York with an overwhelming propensity and are among the more devastating incidents to New York City Residents. On Tuesday night, according to a report by the New York Post , a fire in Brooklyn damaged two buildings in the Cypress Hills section. The fire broke out just before 9 p.m. in a vacant three-story building at 420 Lincoln Avenue and quickly spread to an adjacent ...
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  • Samsung Smartphone Burns 6-year Old Brooklyn Boy

    In a follow-up to a recent Blog post, and in furtherance of reports concerning Samsung phones, a report from CBS New York reveals that a 6-year old Brooklyn boy was burned while playing a game on his grandmother's Samsung Galaxy Core cell phone. As described by his mother, the boy was playing on the phone, which was not being charged at the time, when the phone burst into flames. The little boy ...
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note7 and the Exploding Battery

    While the details of an obvious recall are being worked out, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to turn the off and to stop charging and using them. The risk of fire and explosion associated with the battery for the popular cell phone is a great risk to the health and safety of the consumer. In a report by ABC News , the dangers and ...
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  • Three People Injured in Fire at Lower Manhattan Skyscraper

    A fire in a New York City skyscraper is a serious and potentially deadly occurrence. On Tuesday, August 9, 2016, a fire broke out around 10:15 a.m. in a 12th floor machinery room in a skyscraper at 30 Broad Street near Exchange Place. According to a report by CBS New York , the New York City Fire Department had 26 units and 84 firefighters at the scene. A spokesman from the FDNY said three people ...
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  • 6 People Injured in Bronx Apartment Building Fire

    Another fire occurred in an apartment building fire in the Bronx . This time, it has been reported that at least 6 people were injured on Monday. Hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate as the flames spread. Most of the reported injuries were due to smoke inhalation. Fires in New York City apartment buildings are a very common and dangerous occurrence. Often, these fires are due to the ...
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  • Bronx Fire Injures 20

    Once again, an apartment building fire in the Bronx resulted in 20 people being injured on Sunday. Although the cause is under investigation, reports indicate that most of the injuries were due to smoke inhalation. Smoke is among the leading cause of injuries when there is a fire in an apartment building in New York. This is particularly true for both children and the elderly. It is expected that ...
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  • Electrical Fire Kills Bronx Man

    In New York City, fires and explosions in apartment buildings and private residences are a well-known danger. Often, fires occur due to the fault of a public utility, a private electrical contractor, a landlord or some other responsible company or individual. These types of tragedies seem to happen more frequently when the weather gets colder and more heating devices are put into use. Over the ...
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