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  • Elevator Can Be Falling Object Pursuant to New York Labor Law 240(1)

    The Appellate Division, First Department held in the case McCrea v Arnlie Realty Co. LLC that an elevator under repair can be a "falling object" within the meaning of New York Labor Law 240(1) . The Court upheld Summary Judgment to the inured plaintiff under Labor Law 240(1) stating: "The evidence here establishes that at the time of the accident, McCrea was engaged in "repair" work because the ...
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  • Four-year Old Brooklyn Boy Dies in Fall Down Elevator Shaft

    In New York City, injuries resulting from elevator accidents are surprisingly common. Elevator and escalator accidents kill about 30 people each year and injure 17,000 nationwide, according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A tragic death occurred in Park Slope, Brooklyn when a 4 year old boy fell down an elevator shaft after having ...
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  • New York City Housing Authority to Blame in Fatal Elevator Accident

    In a report issued by the New York City Department of Investigation, a fatal elevator accident which occurred on Christmas Eve of 2015 was entirely preventable as the New York City Housing Authority knew of the defective elevator and did nothing about it. Furthermore, an important safety device was disconnected for no apparent reason. As reported in the New York Daily News , this fatal accident ...
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