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Answers Coming in New Jersey Transit Train Crash as Event Data Recorder Is Recovered

An Event Data Recorder is a device used in various vehicles which is designed to record information related to crashes and accidents.  They are automatically triggered through electronic sensors when a problem is detected such as a sudden deceleration.  Analysis of an Event Date Recorder is useful as they often provide critical information about what a vehicle was doing immediately before, during and after a crash.   According to reports from multiple news outlets, including the North Jersey News, the Event Data Recorder for the New Jersey Transit Train involved in the Hoboken Terminal crash has been recovered be federal investigators from the crashed locomotive.  An analysis of the data contained on this device will provide helpful information to the Federal investigators as to the speed of the train, the application of the brakes, and other useful information to assist in determining how this tragic train crash occurred.

For an attorney representing someone injured in a crash such as this, the Event Data Recorder can provide crucial evidence necessary to prove that the train was being operated in a negligent manner.  There are strict speed limits in place when a train is entering a terminal.  Information from the Event Data Recorder will shed light on the issue of whether the train was being operated within those speed limits and if the train equipment was functioning properly.

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