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NTSB Believes NJ Transit Train Was Speeding When It Crashed into Hoboken Terminal

In direct contradiction to the train engineer who believed the train was traveling at 10mph at the time of the crash, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Bureau(NTSB) believe the train was traveling 20-30mph, which is well in excess of the posted 10mph speed limit.  In a report by the Gothamist,  The engineer's claim will be verified by an analysis of the train's data and video recorders, but the extent of the damage, coupled with the eyewitness accounts, appear to directly refute the veracity of his story.  If the train was, in fact, speeding and could not stop in time when it entered Hoboken Terminal, those individuals killed or injured in this tragic crash would be well within their rights to seek the services of an experienced attorney to achieve fair and just compensation for their damages.

When train accidents occur, injured individuals may be able to seek compensation from any party whose negligence were responsible for the train crash and subsequent injuries or deaths. If the accident occurred due to the railroad company's negligence, they may be found liable for any injuries their passengers suffered. Injured passengers may be able to file a lawsuit if the accident occurred due to operator negligence, track failure, derailment, or a collision with another train.

It is imperative for victims of a train crash to seek legal representation with attorneys with the experience, resources and expertise necessary to properly litigate any claims and secure justice under the circumstances. 

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious injury in a train accident? If so, you may have grounds to file a negligence or wrongful death lawsuit against the railroad company or train's manufacturer. For a free consultation with our train accident attorneys, call (212) 406-1700 or contact us online.