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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Death of 19-Year-Old Construction Worker May Have Been Avoidable

    19-year-old Fernando Vanegas died on Thursday in a construction accident according to the New York Times . Vanegas reportedly noticed an issue with the retaining wall a month prior to the accident. Additionally, there is evidence that the construction company did not take proper safety precautions when securing the retaining wall, leaving them potentially liable. Mr. Vanegas died on Thursday when ...
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  • Public Perception vs. Reality in Slip-and-Fall Cases

    Personal injury lawsuits , in particular slip and fall cases, are very different than how they are perceived by the public. For instance, one common misconception widely held is that an injury on another’s property provides an individual grounds to sue the property owner. While in some cases the injured individual may indeed have a lawsuit, often they are mistaken as the circumstances surrounding ...
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  • How Demonstrative Evidence is Used in Medical Malpractice Cases

    The term "Evidence" refers to proof that is legally admissible at trial and is intended to convince the judge and/or jury of alleged facts material to the case. There are two types of evidence typically used in a medical malpractice trial: Testimony by witnesses and experts and demonstrative evidence. Demonstrative evidence, if used correctly, can be especially effective as it provides the jury ...
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  • How Expert Witness Testimony is Used in a Medical Malpractice Case

    The term “expert witnesses” is often used in conjunction with medical malpractice litigation. However, the use of these experts is often misunderstood. Expert witnesses are required to prove the essential elements of a medical malpractice case including liability/responsibility, causation and damages. Expert witnesses also serve to educate the jury regarding complicated medical issues that arise ...
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  • How We Decide Whether an Individual Has a Meritorious Medical Malpractice Case

    A common misconception regarding medical malpractice cases is that the process of filing a lawsuit is quick. In television we see an act of negligence occur, a lawsuit be filed and a trial be conducted within one hour. Obviously, in real life, the process is different. In other areas of personal injury law, the commencement of a lawsuit takes place relatively soon after an individual retains an ...
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