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Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • New York Motor Vehicle Arbitration Award Overturned

    In a rare circumstance under New York Law, a New York State Supreme Court Justice overturned the decision of an Arbitrator who awarded a couple $650,000 for injuries sustained when their motor vehicle was struck from behind by an unmarked police vehicle from the City of Rye. Usually, arbitration awards are extremely difficult to vacate as the decision of the Arbitrator is subject to a high legal ...
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  • Woman Who Hit 37 Had Marijuana in Her System

    According to the Daily News Lakeisha Holloway, the woman who hit 37 people with her car in Las Vegas, tested positive for Marijuana after the accident. Holloway, an Oregon native, had been living out of her car immediately before the crash. Fortunately, Holloway's three-year-old daughter, who was also in the car, was uninjured; unfortunately most of those hit by Ms. Holloway were not as lucky. One ...
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  • Car crashes through store window in New Rochelle, New York

    A man sustained a broken ankle when a car crashed through a store window on Sunday in New Rochelle. The driver, an 88-year old woman, is believed to have accelerated instead of braking. To read a full report on this story, please visit 1010 Wins . If you or someone you love recently suffered a serious injury after being struck by a car, you need to retain a law firm with the skills and experience ...
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  • Police Brutality in Brooklyn

    A 32-year old Brooklyn man claims that he was beaten and kicked by multiple police officers who believed him to be a potential robbery suspect. As a result, he lost one of his testicles. To read the full story in the New York Post. If someone you love has been seriously injured as a result of police brutality, you should not hesitate to seek out a law firm with experience successfull litigating ...
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  • Flame Erupts from Long Island City Construction Site

    On Saturday, a construction crew's drilling rig struck a high-pressure gas line in Long Island City. The result was an eruption of flame and two-alarm fire at the construction site . Though the fire was hot enough to melt windows, it didn't spread and was contained to the rig. Fortunately injuries were minimal as one work suffered a minor injury. The construction crew was extremely lucky as these ...
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  • Fatal Car Accident Occurs on LIE

    James Rosentel of Plainview, Long Island died early Thursday morning in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway . The accident occurred on the eastbound side of the LIE at 5:06am Thursday after Mr. Rosentel's Toyota sedan struck a tractor trailer parked on the shoulder of the highway. This tragic accident highlights a type of dangerous behavior by drivers not often covered: parking in the ...
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  • New York Car Accident Lawyers

    A 76-year-old woman was struck and killed by a car while crossing the street at Metropolitan Ave and 74th street on Wednesday. At about the same time, another group of three pedestrians were struck and injured by a cement truck at 55th street in a crosswalk. Unfortunately, these accidents have become far too common in New York City. Due to the high volume of pedestrian foot traffic in New York, ...
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  • Gas Leak in Brooklyn Leads to Small Evacuation

    A gas leak in Brooklyn led to the evacuation of four buildings in Dyker Heights on Wednesday night. While no one was injured, it was a scary moment for some Dyker Heights residents. In july, a similar gas leak led to the large explosion in the East Village which killed two and injured twenty more. As a result, New York City's residents sensitivities toward such leaks has been heightened over the ...
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  • Shocking Data Regarding Hit-and-Run Investigations Emerge

    So far, in 2015, there have been 38,000 hit-and-run accidents in New York City . While these statistics aren't too alarming in a city of 8 million plus people, one shocking statistic just emerged: of those 38,000 accidents, the NYPD has only investigated 48 of them. While it's true, that only 4,000 of these accidents resulted in an injury, that still leaves literally thousands of injured New ...
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  • The Most Dangerous Toy

    Once thought of as among of the hottest toys of the 2015 holiday season, hoverboards are clearly among the most dangerous, but not for the reason that you may think. Instead of causing the usual scrapes and bruises most associate with skateboards, hoverboards have been reported to catch fire and even explode while being charged. A massive recall of these dangerous toys is expected and should be ...
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