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Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • Driver Remains Uncharged After Fatal Pedestrian Accident

    According to Newsday , Dimas Debrito, the driver of the Mercedes that struck and killed 24-year-old Mallory Weisbrod on August 10 th remains uncharged. The lack of formal charges comes as a surprise to some as the circumstances surrounding the accident are questionable. On August 10, the NYPD responded to reports that a Mercedes-Benz travelling south on Second Avenue had driven onto the sidewalk ...
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  • Police Use of Long Range Acoustic Device May Have Been Excessive Force

    July 17 was the one year anniversary of Eric Garner’s death. After the incident that recently occurred in Dallas, regarding the alleged suicide of Sandra Bland, many people gathered in a collective peaceful protest against police brutality. The protest escalated into a sit-in and the police responded by making arrests and utilizing their new crowd-control device, the Long Range Acoustic Device ...
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  • "Lavern's Law" Could Drastically Change Medical Malpractice Law in New York

    A bill currently waiting for a vote in the senate has the ability to completely change the scope of medical malpractice cases in New York . The law is named after Lavern Wilkinson, a 41-year-old Brooklyn mother who died in 2013 from a form of lung cancer that was believed to be curable. Ms. Wilkinson’s passing came after doctors at Kings County Hospital neglected a small cancerous mass on an X-ray ...
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