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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Support for New Bill Could Enable More Instances of Medical Malpractice

    According to Slate , the New York State Legislature may be on the verge of passing a bill that would provide physicians more legal cover in instances where they have acted negligently. Currently, a doctor is considered negligent if they act in a manner that “deviates from accepted norms of practice in the medical community.” Recently, a bill was unanimously passed by both houses of the New York ...
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  • After Grand Jury Ruling, Parents of Michael Brown Still Have Legal Options

    Last Tuesday, a Grand Jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Ferguson, Missouri resident Michael Brown. The response to the decision has widely varied. Some Ferguson residents protested and rioted in the streets after the decision was announced. The St. Louis County Prosecutor, Robert McCulloch vigorously defended the outcome in his press conference, blaming the media ...
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  • New York Agrees to Pay $2.25 Million for Death at Rikers

    According to Reuters , New York City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, announced on October 31 st that the city would pay $2.25 million to resolve a wrongful death claim brought against them by Alma Murdough regarding the death of her son. Murdough filed a wrongful death claim after her son Jerome, a Marine Corps veteran, was found dead in his jail cell on Rikers Island eight days after being initially ...
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  • U2's Bono Suffers Major Injuries in Central Park Bicycle Accident

    Bono, the lead singer of the popular band U2, suffered major injuries resulting from a bicycle accident in Central Park on Sunday. According to Rolling Stone , Dean Lorich, the orthopedic surgeon who operated on the singer, released a statement stating that Bono sustained a number of major injuries, including three fractures in his left shoulder blade, a fracture in his left humerous bone, a ...
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  • New York City-bound Bus Crashes in Syracuse Injuring 27

    On Thursday November 6, a New York City-bound bus crashed into a disabled car and a tractor-trailer on I-81 outside of Syracuse. The crash left 27 passengers injured, including the driver of the bus, who is currently in critical condition. According to Newsday, none of the injuries sustained in the crash were fatal. The bus, owned by Pine Hill Trailways, was traveling toward New York City from ...
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  • What is Negligence?

    The word “negligence” is one of the most often used words in the field of personal injury law. When one of our clients (known as a plaintiff) is injured, he/she usually is aware that one of the most important things we do at Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool is carefully set forth the evidence necessary to support our clients’ claim that one or more persons or entities (called defendants) are ...
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  • Doctors Ignore Pain; Baby Born Brain Damaged

    We Represent Families Whose Infants Have Suffered Severe Neurological Injuries One of the most exciting times in a family’s life is the birth of a new baby. That excitement quickly turns to tragedy and heartbreak when the baby is not born healthy. Such is the case for a couple we recently represented who were upset and devastated when their baby was born with cerebral palsy. The mother had ...
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  • How Do We Investigate Your Car Accident Case?

    Once you’ve met with an experienced accident attorney you may be wondering exactly how your case can be proven. We do this by fully investigating your accident scene so we can try to determine exactly what happened and who is at fault. Our car accident lawyers gather all the information available, such as where the accident occurred, what the weather was like, which drivers were involved, where ...
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  • How Cross-Examinations Can Sway Your Case

    There are a lot of different aspects to the litigation process that you will get to experience and understand if you file a personal injury lawsuit. One of the most known aspects of the process is cross-examination. Cross-examination is an opportunity for each attorney to ask questions of the witnesses brought forth by the other side during trial. You see this interaction a lot in both movies and ...
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