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Established more than 50 years ago, the law firm of Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool has successfully represented seriously injured clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases throughout the State of New York. The firm’s lawyers are highly regarded in the profession for their excellence in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. Over the years, our firm has won verdicts and settlements of over $1 billion for our clients.

New York Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Lawyers

  • Surveillance Videos: The Dos and Donts for a Personal Injury Plaintiff

    Victims of negligence often ask if the defendants and their insurance companies have the right to follow them and videotape them in connection with personal injury lawsuits. They unquestionably do and it is imperative that plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit understand this and accept this as reality. Personal injury lawsuits often resolve for significant sums of money. An insurance company ...
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  • Codeine in Cough Syrup Presents Risk of Death and Should Not Be Prescribed to Children

    Codeine has long been included as a cough suppressant in cough syrup. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics has urged doctors to stop prescribing medications which contain codeine to children under the age of 18. Codeine is converted into morphine by the liver and has resulted in life-threatening or fatal breathing reactions. The AAP report, published online Sept. 19, calls for improved ...
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  • Eggo Waffles Recalled by Kellogg's Over Listeria Concerns

    Kellogg's has recalled 10,000 cases of its Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles because they could be contaminated with the bacteria listeria. According to a report by CBS New York , the recall comes after the company found evidence of the bacteria during routine tests. The waffles — available in 10-count packs with “Used by” dates of Nov. 21, 2017 and Nov. 22, 2017 — were sold in 25 states, ...
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  • 14 Social Media Do's and Don'ts: A Guide for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

    14 Social Media Do's and Don'ts: A Guide for Personal Injury Plaintiffs If you have recently become a plaintiff in a personal injury case please print these words out and read them everyday: “ANYTHING you say online can and WILL be used against you.” As the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels continue to grow, so does their usage in court cases... You are one post, ...
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  • Architect Killed in Fall from Mid-Town Manhattan Skyscraper Under Construction

    A tragedy occurred on Thursday afternoon when a 52-year old architect from New Jersey fell to his death from a skyscraper under construction in Mid-town Manhattan. According to a report by the New York Daily News, the victim, fell to the ground from the 42nd floor of the 46-floor skyscraper near W. 53rd St. and Sixth Ave. about 2:15 p.m. The building itself is apparently under construction and the ...
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  • Out of Control Truck Crashes Into Citibank in Brooklyn

    Three people were injured when on out-of-control truck plowed through the window of a Citibank in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn near Ralph Avenue on Thursday morning. According to a report by the New York Post , the injuries did not appear to be serious. The cause of the accident is unknown a this time. Individuals who have been hit by a vehicle while walking may have several types of ...
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  • Department of Labor Finds Crane Operator to Blame in Deadly TriBeCa Crane Collapse

    The deadly TriBeCa crane collapse which occurred in February was initially blamed on high winds. However, in a report by ABC Eyewitness News , it has been revealed that the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) has determined that it was operator error which caused this terrible incident. Specifically, the crane operator, in a rush to get the crane out of the wind, lowered the boom angle below ...
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  • Samsung Smartphone Burns 6-year Old Brooklyn Boy

    In a follow-up to a recent Blog post, and in furtherance of reports concerning Samsung phones, a report from CBS New York reveals that a 6-year old Brooklyn boy was burned while playing a game on his grandmother's Samsung Galaxy Core cell phone. As described by his mother, the boy was playing on the phone, which was not being charged at the time, when the phone burst into flames. The little boy ...
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note7 and the Exploding Battery

    While the details of an obvious recall are being worked out, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to turn the off and to stop charging and using them. The risk of fire and explosion associated with the battery for the popular cell phone is a great risk to the health and safety of the consumer. In a report by ABC News , the dangers and ...
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  • Fatal Car Accident in Suffern Results in the Death of 17-Year Old Yeshiva Student

    A group of Yeshiva students were standing outside their dormitory last night when on off-duty police officer plowed into them after side-swiping another vehicle. In a report by CBS New York , a vehicle was turning into a driveway when the off-duty officer attempted to pass. Contact was made between the vehicles and the passing vehicle veered into two students, killing a 17-year old Marcos Tawil ...
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  • Drunk Driver Stopped by Police on Long Island Expressway

    Thankfully, due to multiple calls to 911, the police were able to stop and arrest a drunken Queens man driving the wrong way on the Long Island Expressway before somebody was injured or killed. The offender was pulled over and arrested on Tuesday near Exit 52 in Commack about 2:20 a.m. According to a report by the New York Daily News , he was caught driving eastbound on the westbound side of the ...
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  • Kayaker Nearly Has Arm Severed After Being Struck by Ferry Boat on Hudson River

    A group of kayakers enjoying some exercise and activity on the Hudson River were struck by a ferry boat that pulled out of Pier 84. The ferry boat apparently did not see the kayakers as it plowed straight into them. Among the injuries reported by the New York Post was a man who nearly had his arm severed. Like any other vehicle, ferries are capable of crashing and causing serious injuries to their ...
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  • Queens Accident Kills 3 and Injures 10

    A multi-vehicle chain reaction crash on Wednesday resulted in thee deaths and 10 injuries according to a report by the New York Daily News . A driver of a motor vehicle lost control and hit a guardrail on a Long Island Expressway exit ramp in Queens. The vehicle was split in half and caused a multi-vehicle crash. The extent of the injuries to the victims is not yet known. Due to the complex ...
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  • Pokemon Go Takes Distracted Driving to a Lethal Level

    Distracted driving, usually thought of as texting while driving, is an ever-increasing hazard on our roadways. The advent of new applications, such as Pokemon Go, has provided yet another distraction to operators of motor vehicles. In Japan, a truck driver struck two pedestrians, killing one of them, while being distracted playing Pokemon Go, according to an article in the New York Post . ...
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  • Will This Labor Day Weekend Be the Deadliest in Years?

    Beaches, picnics, barbecues - all things that make Labor Day special. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are also well-known to be associated with Labor Day weekend. In an article by the New York Post , experts are predicting that this Labor Day weekend could be the deadliest in years in terms of motor vehicle accidents. Traffic injuries and fatalities are up this year and more people are driving ...
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